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Latest Love Island Gossip

We’re only two weeks into Love Island and tensions are high!! Forget about Brexit… it’s all kickin’ off in the villa right now! With a week filled with confusion, tears, a rainbow fish exit, new entries and Dr Domore missions! Where else would you rather be at 9pm? As the sun sets on another week in Mallorca – here’s our latest love island gossip from the previous week:

Latest Love Island Gossip

1) First things first, we have some bad news, unfortunately our favourite rainbow fish had to depart from the villa this week due to family reasons. So good luck to you Niall, we wish you well…

2) Doctor Alex aka Dr Do-More was born😂. Aided by duo Adam and Charlie, they distracted Eyal with the stars, to help Alex have some time to speak to Megan.

3) The islander’s played a very confusing game of who they were most compatible with. Shockingly enough, the majority of girls were most compatible with Adam (not that his ego needed boosting any more!!!)

4) Hayley and Charlie were the first couple to be voted off. As the public believed they were the most uncompatible. Although our guesses it was because everyone found Hayley annoying – sorry Charlie!

5) Dani and Jack finally got a night in the hideaway and kept everything strictly PG13. We wonder if that’s because daddy Dyer is watching🙈🙈🙈.

6) Two newbies entered the villa on Sunday. The girls picked three different guys to dates with and they caused tensions between the couples to say the least!

7) Adam… the ‘snakey’ Geordie mountain showed the entire nation that he literally fancies any woman that walks into the villa. Alas his eyes wandered again when newbie Zara walked in on Sunday.🙄🙄🙄

8) It all kicked off between Adam and Rosie last night. She confronted him about jumping ship again and he seemed less than bothered. Trust me girl you are better without!! We just hope new girl Zara can see through him.

9) Wes..well where do we begin? In comparison to last week when he was saying he was falling for Laura, he is now admitted he is ‘open to getting to know Ellie’. We think things are going to get more frosty tonight for Wes and Laura….

And finally, ALEX GOT HIS FIRST KISS OF THE SERIES AHHHHH🙌🙌🙌🙌 We just hope that Ellie’s feelings are genuine and she doesn’t mess him around!


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