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Love Island Live

The islanders are back under one roof, which can only mean one thing…THIS MEANS WAR! With a shock dumping and two new boys prepared to ruffle some feathers, it’s time to read our Love Island Live blog:

Love Island Live

1) First things first…newly single Wes set himself a mission to graft old flame Megan.

2) Laura is finally happy coupled-up with Jack, until Georgia breaks the news that she’s going to take him on a date. Not one to hold back, Laura makes her feelings very clear on the terrace of truth.

3) Adam and Darylle, Alex and Megan, and Sam and Ellie we the least popular couples in the villa. The decision of who would be dumped from the Island came down to the two singletons Wes and Georgia. They chose to couple up with Megan and Sam, leaving Adam, Alex, Ellie and Darylle dumped.

4) Grab the popcorn, s**t hit the fan in this episode! The Laura, Georgia, Jack situation, takes a turn for the worst!

5) Tensions have rinsed between the girls in the villa. Therefore, you would think a spa would help them forget their differences and relieve some stress. Turns out we were wrong.

6) Off on their first date, Josh was ready to ask his dream girl Kaz a very important question.

7) Another dumping rocked the villa! The public voted Frankie, Charlie, Josh, Grace, Megan and Ellie their least favourite islanders. Sadly Grace and Frankie, received the fewest votes and have lost their places in the villa.

8) Buff new fellas Idris and Kieran enter the villa with a whole lot of bottle! As we saw last night, they are ready to crack on with everyone – even the coupled-up ladies!

9) Laura and Jack’s relationship has been a bit of a rollercoaster so far. One day they’re happily coupled up, and the next… Laura’s ended it all because of rumours he kissed Georgia. Besides that, fate seems to have drawn them back together, so let’s see how long it lasts this time…

10) Idris has hasn’t even been in the villa 24 hours and he is already causing a bit of a storm! He took Jack’s girl Laura out on a date, and got something to get off his chest…

Left on a cliffhanger, we are all ready for tonights episode. Don’t forget to watch Love Island Live at the later time of 9:30pm because of the football game.

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