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Love Island Weekly Wrap Up

Praise the lord, Love Island is back! HALLELUJAH 🙌🙌🙌 And what a fun filled week it’s begin! With rainbow fish, chicken dipper appreciation, tears, more tears, a recoupling and lots and lots of DRAMA!! Just what you need to see after a mundane week at work!🙈 Just incase you’ve missed it, here’s our Love Island weekly wrap up below for you to catch up:  

Love Island Weekly Wrap Up

1) First things first, let us introduce you to everyone’s loveable rogue Niall Aslam (the Harry Potter loving lad from Coventry). He’s kept the audience entertained throughout the first week with his quirky one liners “I’m, like, the rainbow fish…I need, like, a female fish to come and unravel my rainbow colours.”

love island weekly wrap up

2) Another one of our favourite Niall-ism from last week, was his first date chat with Georgia, “DO YOU LIKE A CHICKEN DIPPER?!” Not the first question that pops into your mind on a first date, but you’ve got to love how his mind works!😂😂😂

3) On the subject of Georgia, I think we were all surprised when she nearly jumped for joy when Kendall was the first islander to leave (no thanks to Adam). Even if your best mate has stayed in the villa, sit back down love!

4) Speaking of Adam, who may have 24 abs and a smile that would make you weak at the knees…on this occasion no one likes a shake hun! Our hearts all went out to Kendall, when Adam called it off with her to go and face plant Rosie two minutes later.  Not cool man!

5) An amusing factor from this week has got to be Hayley being unable to say Eyal’s name and even FORGETTING his name at some points! CRINGE!

6) It has also come to our attention that not only can Hayley not remember things, she apparently doesn’t know things either… On the subject of Brexit Hayley asked if we will still have any trees once we leave the EU. Is this girl for real?😂

7) Next up Dani and Jack – the South’s answer to Romeo and Juliet.  Even though they had a rocky start, they seem to be blossoming now and we believe they are the current favourites for winning the show!  Also, can we appreciate their impression of Eyal the other day?? Absolute bants.

8) Doctor Alex – what can we say apart from the fact he’s arguably the most eligible bachelor this nation has seen since Prince Harry! We are all rooting for the welsh babe to find love soon!!

9) The hideaway made it’s first appearance of the season last night! Laura and Wes were the first couple to stay in the hideaway last night.

10) But our favourite moment of this week has got to be Eyal putting Hayley in her place “I’m not your hun, hun!” If you’ve not seen it yet, then check this clip down below:

And that’s only week one, so stayed tuned for our next Love Island weekly wrap up.

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